WBAI 99.5 FM in New York City, known for bringing the fringe to the middle of the dial, last week celebrated its 50th year on the air. This week, they launch a new schedule, including the re-institution of their eclectic mid-morning music strip, each weekday featuring a different freeform host. A name or two you'll recognize, others may be new to you. I'm especially hoping you'll tune in to one of these shows in particular. Thump and Growl. Tuesdays 10:00 to noon. Programmed and hosted by... Kimberly Massengill. (!) Same genre whiplash* mix I do on my WPKN show (which I'll continue to do at 'PKN, by the way). But the Manhattan studios will allow for more artist interviews and in-studio performances. And a Starbucks within walking distance.

I'm very excited about the other hosts in the strip, but I'd better let them do their own announcing.

I've wanted this time slot on this station--home to some of my radio heroes--since well before I moved to New York 14 years ago. So I'm pretty thrilled. And nervous. I hope you'll tune in. That'll sure help with the nervous bit. And with keeping this mofo on the air.

My first show is preempted (apropos?), so check me out beginning next Tuesday, the 23rd. And, y'know, proclaim it from the mountaintops. I'd appreciate that.

*Thanks for the words, Jason.