Occupy the Couch

Who has two thumbs and is the new NYC coordinator for Occupy Wool Street? Me, that's who. (You'll just have to trust me about the thumbs.)

Occupy Wool Street is a Chicago-based campaign encouraging knitters, crafters, and designers to make hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, and such to help OWS protesters better endure the cold weather. The effort not only provides a valuable service for the movement, but also allows the participation of those who'd like to join the protest, but are unable to be there physically.

WBAI's Wall Street studios serve as the collection point, receiving both mailed packages and by-hand deliveries for distribution at
Zuccotti Park and other protest points throughout NYC. For drop-offs, call (212) 209-2800 M-F 9:00-5:00 and have your name added to the security list, then bring photo ID with you. Otherwise mail gear to:

120 Wall St., 10th floor
NY, NY 10005
attn: WOOL


Q - Does the fiber used to make the items need to be wool?
A - Nah. As long as it's clean and not animal fur.

Q - I have many wonderful qualities, but I don't knit or crochet or sew or anything. Does it need to be something I made myself?
A - Not really. I don't knit or crochet either, so I'm thinking of taking this opportunity to learn. But I'll likelier just be hitting up Etsy.

Q - Is this tax deductible?
A - Nope. But think of the warm fuzzy (see what I did there?) feeling you'll have, knowing you've put a lid on the noggin of a cold protester.

Q - I desperately, desperately want to do more. How can I do more? Hurry! Tell me! Quick!
A - You can help spread the word. There's an Occupy Wool Street Facebook page you can like and share. Plaster Tumblr with us. Tweet 'til you're sore. Noodge your crafty hipster friends. Harass your nanna. Host an OWS needle party (not the heroin kind, though.)
Got a rooftop you can safely climb atop for shouting purposes?

Q - Is there some secret you've not yet told us?
A - Why, yes, there is. If you'd like to use a stitch or a safety pin to attach a personal note of encouragement to the protester who'll be wearing your handiwork, or even a photo of yourself, we'll be extra super double careful not to knock it off.

Q - I have questions, but I'm trapped under a heavy piece of furniture and can't get to the internets right now. What should I do?
A - First, yell for someone to come help you. Thank them profusely, 'cause folks is busy, y'know. Then later, send your questions to thumpandgrowl@gmail.com

Fight the power! With fuzzy mittens!

UPDATE 2/2/2012: WBAI and I would like to thank everyone who participated in Occupy Wool Street by creating, donating, and spreading the word. It's been an overwhelming success, with many more submissions than we ever imagined we'd get. Because of the volume of donations already received, and the changing logistics of the local Occupy Wall Street protests, we've decided to start winding it down now, rather than next month. Items we currently have on hand will still be distributed to the protesters, as will any currently in transit. If you're now working on something for the project, you may still send it in, if you like. Everything will find a worthy host.

Again, many thanks to all who took part. It's been heartening to see handmade hats, scarves, gloves, and such coming in from all over the country, including from the Occupy Berkeley Solidarity Knit-Ins, and one gentleman in the Bronx who himself knitted two or three boxes of beautiful cold weather gear.

Thank you all.