A’ight, Peeps. As you may have heard, Thump and Growl has been canceled, and the final episode is scheduled for January 27th. I’m immeasurably sad about it, and you’d better be, too. Be sad, okay?

You may be asking how you can help. Riiiight?

1)  Email interim Program Director Mario Murillo at marioradio@wbai.org. He’s already posted that address on the site, so I’m assuming it’s cool. But be nice or he’ll jolly well give you what for. As well he should. He’s graciously been answering those of you who’ve written, so who knows? Write and tell him about your favorite trans lesbian Belgian-Nigerian politi-funk band you learned about on Thump and Growl.

2)  Sign the petition. Yup. There’s a petition. Listener Lisa Sabath has launched one to let management know the show means something to the undersigned. Go be an undersigned, why don’t ya? It’s at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-want-thump-and-growl-with-kimberly-massengill

3)  Join the Thump and Growl Facebook group. That’s where you’ll find news about the future of the show (or lack thereof). And the real-time playlists happen there, too. That’s also the best place to communicate with the show’s host. (That’s me.)  You can use the group without joining, but joining will get you notifications. Dooo eeeet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThumpAndGrowl/

4)  Distract Mario. Okay, hear me out. The Mon-Thurs morning music strip is being replaced with more call-in talk shows, and ‘Thump and Growl’ has already been replaced with ‘Talkback’ in the archives. HOWEVER. Mario reports he’s not yet locked in the new hosts for Monday and Tuesday, and if he’s unable to do that before his term concludes (end of the month-ish), we may be allowed to remain! Am I too proud to accept a default win? Obviously not! So here are some suggestions for Operation Distract Mario:

<>  Ask him detailed questions about science or math. Or god. Oooh, if you can incorporate all three into a single time-suck query, I’ll be your best friend forever.

<>  Challenge him to a long-distance bike un-race. That’s where whomever can go the slowest without toppling over, wins. I recommend some remote, bucolic route where there will be no aspiring radio hosts encountered along the way.

<>  Fresh baked goods, still warm from the oven. He might be one o’ them no-carb people, so prepare an alternate distribution plan, so’s the goodies don’t go to waste.

<>  Ask him to grab his recorder and follow you to where Jimmy Hoffa is awaiting his exclusive interview. Then forget where Jimmy Hoffa is awaiting his exclusive interview.

<>  Compliment his hair. Like, non-stop. Make it clear it’d be rude if he walked away before you’re finished complimenting him. Then just keep at it.  A follicular filibuster! I mean let’s be real. He’s got spectacular hair, yes?

<>  “Look! Up in the sky! Super Green Double Helix Chemtrails!”

That’s all I can think of right now. I guess I’m better at *being* distracted than I am at disctracting others. Keep it safe and polite,and don’t forget to tune in to the final two shows, January 20th & 27th, 10-noon. The archives haven’t been working, so if y’wanna listen, y’might wanna do it live.

And thanks in advance, Peeps. I’m rootin’ for music. How ‘bout you? Happy distracting!

Bread and Roses,
Kimberly Massengill