So. The final show has been nixed.

I got an email Tuesday evening informing me that WBAI is really really super quite double extra jolly well done with me. “We wanted to give you another two shows to say goodbye to your listeners but that does not seem to be in the best interest of the station.” I wrote back asking if I might be given a reason. That was two days ago, and still no response, so I guess it ends with a whimper, Kids. No farewell show and no archives of my last. I imagine at some point I’ll be glad this happened. But right now gratitude is not what I’m feeling.

Except for you. Thank you to the producers, program directors, and WBAI staffmembers who’ve encouraged me through this. A special thanks to listener Lisa Sabath for launching the petition to keep me at ‘BAI, and thank you to all who’ve signed it. Many deep-dish thanks to the listeners who’ve supported Thump and Growl on WBAI for more than four years, even as that became increasingly difficult to do. And to those who’ve energetically fought the show’s cancellation? Oof. I can’t thank you enough. Those who’ve posted, messaged, and emailed me in recent weeks have made me laugh, made me cry, have blown sunshine up my skirt when I’ve felt beaten down, and told me things I wish I’d known sooner (!). Some of you have applied poetry, philosophy, and psychiatric expertise to the situation (who knew I had so many therapists and MSWs listening?), and a couplefew of you have already contacted me about bringing Thump and Growl to your stations. Thank you to the folks who followed me to ‘BAI from WPKN, and especially to the weirdos who’ve been following me since my years in commercial radio.

I can’t *not* do radio. I’ve tried. Chasing people in the street and forcing my earbuds into their noggins is unsanitary. And not as welcomed as you’d think. But this is a busy time (in my non-radio life), so it’ll be weeks before I can begin to sort out where to take the show. After doing radio for a good chunk of the last 20+ years, there are things I’ve always wanted to do but have never been able to. 1) Do shows in my undiepants, and 2) selectively but freely employ the Carlin words which pepper my off-air conversation and musical choices. So I may be looking for a new gig with these noble aspirations in mind. Or not. Dunno.

If you’d like to be notified when I land somewhere, you may wanna join the Thump and Growl Facebook group and/or send your email address to thumpandgrowl “at” gmail “daght” com and I’ll make an email list.

I was looking for a photo on my phone this morning and ran across this one, the last one taken in that studio, shot a couple of weeks ago. This is what I saw when I looked up the email informing me the 27th would be my last Tuesday morning with you. Is it me, or is this pic an absolute Beatles album of symbolism? Maybe it’s just me. But it’s hilariously apt, no?

Thanks for everything, Peeps. I love the fuck outta yuzz. Stay tuned.

~ Kimberly